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Creativity creates something out of nothing.

Destructivity creates nothing out of something.

It is the opposite of creativity.

What goes up must come down;

everything has a season;

even the leaves must fall.

We have trained ourselves to believe

that there is an inevitable downside to creation.

Perhaps creation in this realm

is all we know; the yin and yang of life.

But deep inside me is an assurance

that the eternity of truth

knows only the wholeness of creation.

The secret to understanding is that

the extension of love creates nothing,

yet illuminates all that already is.

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Looking for something to watch on television

is worse than doing nothing.

In fact, it elevates “doing nothing”

to that meditative space

which actively allows life

to sneak in unannounced.

Doing nothing

saying nothing

thinking nothing

would be such a blessing for a few minutes or an hour

at the end of the day.

Distractions only come

when invited–

and remember who sends the invitation.

I absolutely abhor wasting time;

to send myself on a fruitless

search to fill in what

was designed to remain

forever empty of all but now

gives me instant heartache–

that breed of regret that

can only be fully understood

by a sufferer of acid reflux.

But now the episode is over,

the television is blissfully silent

and my angered heart rate has calmed.

Now is here again

and I can breathe.

What more is needed?

I issue another invitation–

only Holiness need reply,

Peace is a party for One.

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How can I join with You in him

when he sees only hate?

He is so fearful

of where it came from

he cannot even admit

any more that love

is what he seeks.

Come down off your pedestel

and give love a chance

to heal your mind of knowing

and give you eternal rest

in being.

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I have misjudged her so

I sought only to keep whole and happy

and yet it seems I have destroyed

the very thing I loved.

How could this happen

when all I wanted

was her happiness and safety,

her beauty and strength recognized.

I have done nothing

to restore vision

or holiness

for these were never lost.

My very efforts

spoke to an “illness”

that was never there.

How can I lay down

my ideas of repair and restoration

that I might see

the magnificence every present?

I am so sorry

dear daughter of the Father

that my thoughts have

kept you imprisoned in a cell

of awkward loneliness and despair.

It is time to set us both free

of special desires

and let go the need of need.

Today let us go forth

in joy hand in hand

into our eternal destiny

of holiness.

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My mind is crazy with the grief

of losing you in any moment

that you stand in accusation

telling me how wrong I’ve been.

Just tell me that you love me

and I will figure everything

else out from there.

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Why did you have us say

such awful cutting things?

How could it be necessary?

Even if it is to bless-

they are thoughts that have

been created, they now exist

even if it is only to

disappear as ocean foam

on the sands of time.

They will not be forgotten

in a mind hell-bent on fury

and self-destruction.

Is there no other way?

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Give us this day

our daily bread

of love’s fortitude

and blessing,

let not the fury

of the moment

deter you from

your determination to see

the world from

your holiness,

this I could not bear.

I am your God

you are my Son

together we will


the world.

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Never before

in the history of man

have so many battles

been brought into the open

to be blessed

by holiness.

Shirk not

your purpose

of extending blessing

to these tender, terrified hearts.

This slim honesty

is their foothold

into remembering

their own holiness.

This too shall pass,

and only light will remain.

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Today I give you

the strength of a thousand angels

to give to your wounded brothers

you have nothing to fear

all is well and percolating,

the yeast of truth is doing

a good and faithful work

the bread of life

yet lives and will be ready

to bake very soon.

Rejoice now

and forever hold your peace

safely in your yeart

where it has never left,


not even once.

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