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Creativity creates something out of nothing.

Destructivity creates nothing out of something.

It is the opposite of creativity.

What goes up must come down;

everything has a season;

even the leaves must fall.

We have trained ourselves to believe

that there is an inevitable downside to creation.

Perhaps creation in this realm

is all we know; the yin and yang of life.

But deep inside me is an assurance

that the eternity of truth

knows only the wholeness of creation.

The secret to understanding is that

the extension of love creates nothing,

yet illuminates all that already is.

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Looking for something to watch on television

is worse than doing nothing.

In fact, it elevates “doing nothing”

to that meditative space

which actively allows life

to sneak in unannounced.

Doing nothing

saying nothing

thinking nothing

would be such a blessing for a few minutes or an hour

at the end of the day.

Distractions only come

when invited–

and remember who sends the invitation.

I absolutely abhor wasting time;

to send myself on a fruitless

search to fill in what

was designed to remain

forever empty of all but now

gives me instant heartache–

that breed of regret that

can only be fully understood

by a sufferer of acid reflux.

But now the episode is over,

the television is blissfully silent

and my angered heart rate has calmed.

Now is here again

and I can breathe.

What more is needed?

I issue another invitation–

only Holiness need reply,

Peace is a party for One.

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