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Me (after a wild & crazy day):  What is excitement?:

Holy Spirit:  Excitement is me bringing you up to speed.  You are already “up to speed” but don’t yet remember it fully.  It is not to be feared or worshipped.  It just is.

Me:  My real thoughts are in my mind?  Well, I would really like to find them.  I feel so distant from them.

Holy Spirit:  Distance is to give you a glimpse of how much I love you–high, deep, wide, tiny, close, galaxy & cell.  There are not any two points on the edges of the universe that are not connected by my love.  If you think the world is cool, can you imagine the unseen world?  And then imagine the full knowledge of the Love that is all there is and you my dear are part of that glorious whole–not separate or alone or striving–close your eyes and feel it!

Me:  mmmmmmmm

Holy Spirit:  Just because a thought calls, doesn’t mean you have to answer–other than with love and joy.  Great each call for love as an opportunity to love like me.  All calls are answered in truth, not necessarily on the level of form.  But al calls for love cannot be NOT answered.

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