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I knew salvation

was the answer

when I was only four.

But I did not know

what salvation was.

Salvation is the question

we ask ourselves

in the dead of night,

the question that

begs the answer

that frees us unstantly.

Do you still love me?

There never was a time

now, before and ever after

that I could not love you.

I am saved simply

by the ask and answer

that salvation


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I left myself behind

a veil of lies, a sort of

secret I told myself

to help with the game.

Without the veil

there is no behind

or in front;

only a presence

of mind

like no other.

Loving me with open arms

whispering sweets and ideas

into my heart

to give me something

to build of my own.

Life can do anything

I want, except die,

and for the first time

I am happy

I was wrong.

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