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My quiet time yielded treasure this morning.  Holy Spirit said:

“Dearest One, you need an image of success that you may return to again and again when the doubts of unworthiness sneak and creep  upon your awareness.”

This is the image given:

A Cathedral.

I have come into the sanctuary in a Chanel suit, heels clicking on the ancient stone tiles.  I am relieved to be in the quiet for a moment.  I can sit my bag down on one of the pews at the back.  I will just sit here and catch my breath.

What is going on up front:  What IS the commotion?!  I leave my bag and step out of my shoes as to not add to the apparent fray at the altar….

I walk stealthily down a side aisle to get closer to the action.

OMG!!!  It is Jesus!!!!

Welcoming ME–waiting for ME–delighted to see ME–glorying in MY presence!

I am at once overwhelmed and relieved of all fear and trepidation.  I AM HOME!  The welcome and joy I receive is indescribable.  This is the phrase that instantly comes to mind:

“Making Love with Jesus”

I have my first true glimpse of what is actually happening when we extend love.  We are truly co-creating with Love and birthing JOY.  Amen and selah.

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