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Here is the Holy Spirit’s answer to my previous post:

Me:  Holy Spirit please tell me more about entrance and en-trance (see previous post “Holy Spirit Sure Can Make An Entrance”)

HS:  Precious One, Good Morning and blessings to you this fine day and moment.  We are so pleased you are awake.  Thank you for taking this time to practice joining with your emotions and thoughts of MAD.  Notice how quickly you moved through the momentary tightness like a kink in your love hose was unwound without fanfare or suffering.

Precious One, as you take time to notice and feel emotions–which are thoughts with exceedingly high and powerful vibrations (loud clothes made to be noticed).  Notice the feelings in your body, this noticing gives you the moment you need to decide “Oh, I could extend love to this.”  In that thought is a doorway created.  This morning the thought  “Tear up the paper” was a tiny, easy way  to release the pent-up energy.  In that small release came the desire to extend love rather than NOT extend love.  As you heard the flavor of love is:  entrance, then en-trance. you were given (and could feel in your body) release, acceptance and relief.  The knot of not-extending love which originated in your sleep and subconscious rose to the surface to be healed and released.  Now the flow of love is free to communicate, adore and nourish.

Thank you for allowing this morning to be so fun for us.  Than you for your willingness to listen.  Thank you Precious One, thank you.

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