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Empty Nest

Empty Nest

I nurse my grievance

a wee babe fresh

from the wound

The days and nights

pass one after the other

with little but certainty

of purpose

I nurse my grievance

a toddler now

      sure and strong

I can barely remember

the details of the birth

but still feel the exhaustion

limits and bewilderment

I nurse my grievance

who is now unwilling

to be fed by her maker



and stand alone

able to leave or stay

if I but say the word

I want to say “Go!”

but hear instead



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Sometimes I get out of bed

in the middle of the night

just to listen to the silence

That velvet batting

muffling the world for a few short hours                   Star Dust

so I can hear my heart think

How do I love thee?

let me count the ways

my delight is poured through

the sieve of your being

in you it becomes willingness

then joy, peace too

How does it happen

my beloved child

I love you

then miracle of tantalizing joy

you love me

we are once more

Life and Love

back to back

in a roomful of star dust

glinting, squinting

against our collective glory

afraid to open both eyes

until all remember

the home breath

reveals the truth

I am home now

for I never left


It is all here

in the silence

for anyone to hear

who wakes up

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