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(This post celebrates the one year anniversary of the opening of the Teal Family Pavillion on 10-10-10!)

It is my great joy to be a touring docent at the Crocker Art Museum.

My heart is listening.

Last week we had a large group of fifth graders and we discovered they were quite art savvy, having even met two of our well-known artists in the permanent collection.  Their teacher wanted very specific works included in the tour.  I immediately sent myself into a tiz about being quite sure I was inadequate to the task of touring such a knowledgable group.  Of course I took this to Holy Spirit for the comfort of sanity and peace.

This is the first gift:  “I extend mySelf to this thought.”

“Holy Precious Child,

You are the light in which they will see–let yourself be completely your Self in this tour.  Worry not about the other docent, fear not the teacher’s knowledge.  Give the children an EXPERIENCE of the art, not just talking.”

This is the tour introduction peace gave me:

"Velazquez Family" by Bernice Bing

“Everything Speaks to us–our family, the sun, the Museum, this painting.  We speak to all things in our heart though often not out loud.  Art allows us a moment to pause and hear the conversation.  Would  you be willing to set aside all you know about art for a moment and let art tell you something today?

The great thing about museums is that they are dedicated to creating spaces which allow us the luxury of communing and communicating with all that surrounds us, through art.

You may not be able to articulate your response but if you take the time, you can read your body like a book and it will help you realize your own feelings.

The Museum allows us time to do this.  The artist has given so much to his work:  time, energy,heart, know-how, skill, paint, canvas.  We give the willingness to stop our busy lives and allow motion to pause and take in his gift.”

The joy and confidence I received was overflowing and the tour was completely delicious.  The very best part of all was the moment I first spied the children wearing  bright red sweatshirts with HOLY SPIRIT written on them.  They were, in fact, from Holy Spirit School.  The reminder of the Holy Spirit being in every child, as emblazoned on their shirt just made me laugh.  Who says Holiness isn’t Hilarious?


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