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My Holiness, my Self

After a blow up with a loved one I felt unsure of any possibility or peace, just about all I could muster in asking the Holy Spirit for help was “WTF mate???!”  This answer was the relief I was seeking:

“Precious One,

Be still a moment and go home. Fear not the salvation of this relationship.  You are integrating holiness into every relationship.  Each step brings you closer to seeing it is but a relationship to your Self you are after–you can organize, rearrange, redecorate or recalibrate every thought you have; you can arrange [thoughts] in pairs, groups or singley but you will still have to see that what is under-girding every single thought is Love.

Love is whole








Let not this dispute amoungst a pairing of thoughts distract you from the truth.

Love is working out everything for the greatest, kindest, most complete benefit for all and for each thought individually.

Do not despair, I say to you:  Be Glad in your peace–Be Glad in your witness–Be Glad in your willingness– All IS WELL.”

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When I asked HS to confirm (or not) my desire to participate in the 6 mo. program of Hearing the Voice for God, this is what I heard:

“I am the divine call you are listening to.

You are ready to truly step into your role as Love Provider, Mirth Maker and Jelly Bean Consultant. 

This is not a hard decision, it is easy and soft–a breath of air, the next step, a note, a color, a word you already love.

Be not afraid to learn.

learning is the essence of teaching and this is your opportunity to experience both. 

These are your peeps.

They already love you.

You already love them.

There is no reason to deny yourself any longer.

You get to decide the color of your love but your loving and your belovedness are already a sure thing.  That cannot be changed; it never could be changed.

This is the fun part, you can ask me anything: financial questions, medical questions, activities issues, marital issues, friendship issue, dog issues.

There is nothing that needs to be left out of our relationship.

This program is run with love by your brother and sister in Christ.

They have waited a long time to commit in this way.

Together you will make history.

All who come on this call will be there as if by appointment.

There is no worrying there won’t be enough people.

Only one is needed, you own Self.

All else will be added to you.”

I added:  I am feeling relaxed.

HS cont: 

“That’s perfect.

Willingness is very relaxing.

the receiver and the giver are the same Presence.

You can access Me either way.

It matters not who is the teacher and who is the student.

Both come in willingness.

Both come in Love.

Both come in Openness.

Both come.


That is the point.  BOTH COME.

Lawd Hallelujah!”

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I must share a few words about an incredible experience I had over the weekend at an intensive called “Listen from Within”.  Firstly, it was wonderful to be, again, amongst my friends of the heart in a rich atmosphere of sharing and safety.  We have been studying the “Way of Mastery” together for over a year and I had taken a break to spend time in quiet truly listening for this Voice for Love.  It turns out I can attune most clearly while writing.  Speaking the Voice for Love is an experience that happens as a serendipity but until now did not seem something I could do “at a moment’s notice”.  Through a brilliantly simple exercise I was able to access and share this beautiful Voice for Love from within my self in real-time in the loving space we all created together for this purpose.

I will describe the excercise at a later date since another intensive is running this weekend and I don’t want to intrude on their own experiences by my own descriptions.  Today I will just share a few quotes from members of the group and then share some words of Holy Spirit given to me at the lunch break.

“I didn’t know neutrality was an experience.”–Annette

“It is so f***ing sweet!  I am the experiencer…just lovin’ on everybody” –Carol

“Neutrality is the best gnache you can taste.”–Eva

“Christ is coming out of the closet!  Thank God!”–Jan

I asked Holy Spirit at lunch about a concern over a sick family member:

“I am love loving all things. 

You need do nothing right now.

Your child is well taken care of.

Guilt will not serve her or you.

All is well.

Allow Love to do its work.

Do not feel the need to interfere.

You may step back and be joyful in the process of awakening.

Even your cells are awakening.

You need not suffer.

Your child is not suffering, though she is sick.

Her heart is open.”

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Me (after a wild & crazy day):  What is excitement?:

Holy Spirit:  Excitement is me bringing you up to speed.  You are already “up to speed” but don’t yet remember it fully.  It is not to be feared or worshipped.  It just is.

Me:  My real thoughts are in my mind?  Well, I would really like to find them.  I feel so distant from them.

Holy Spirit:  Distance is to give you a glimpse of how much I love you–high, deep, wide, tiny, close, galaxy & cell.  There are not any two points on the edges of the universe that are not connected by my love.  If you think the world is cool, can you imagine the unseen world?  And then imagine the full knowledge of the Love that is all there is and you my dear are part of that glorious whole–not separate or alone or striving–close your eyes and feel it!

Me:  mmmmmmmm

Holy Spirit:  Just because a thought calls, doesn’t mean you have to answer–other than with love and joy.  Great each call for love as an opportunity to love like me.  All calls are answered in truth, not necessarily on the level of form.  But al calls for love cannot be NOT answered.

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