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The Australian Wallabies (http://www.foxsports.com.au/rugby/rugby-world-cup-2011) are in the throes of the Rugby World Cup.  Last weekend an announcer described them as playing with “intensity, brutality, speed and precision”.  My husband brightened and said ‘These are four of my favorite qualities!”  Thus began four day’s conversation, both silent and audible on what in the world did he mean?

My first thought was “Well, that explains a lot.”  My eyes opened as I remembered the times my feelings had been wounded by these qualities of intensity (loud noises), brutality (ignoring the call to dinner), speed (asking a question and then zooming off even before the answer was given) and precision (the unerring ability to stop a conversation in its tracks with a single, well placed question).  I noticed firstly, that I am pretty darned sensitive, as any member of my family will tell you.  Secondly, I noticed that none of the Wallabies seemed the least bit hurt at this description, in fact they swelled with pride, or as true Aussies, simply shrugged and said “Too right.” under their breath.  Why is this?

Because rugby is a GAME!  All the players are playing a game, an intense, brutal, lightening fast, precise game.  It is war without the political fallout.  Come to think of it Australians even think of war as a game, no wonder they are good at it.  Did I mention my husband is Australian?

 What if I thought of these qualities, when spotted or even received as just part of a game? The game of loving unconditionally.  What if, instead of getting my knickers in a twist when my husband didn’t come to dinner when the announcement was made I just extended love to myself and poured my own glass of wine and used the wait to relax instead of fume?  What if, instead of seeing the speed with which a conversation is stopped as a slap in the face I saw it as a loving attempt for as much conversation as could be tolerated; asking  a question as a way of acknowledging my presence and my enjoyment of conversation without the full committment of time?  What if I could shout WOO HOO!! and join in with a loud noise instead of feeling overwhelmed?

What if I could extend love to anything that came my way and if I didn’t, just shrug and say “Too right”?  Now that is a game I can play with intensity, brutality, speed and precision.


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My Holiness, my Self

After a blow up with a loved one I felt unsure of any possibility or peace, just about all I could muster in asking the Holy Spirit for help was “WTF mate???!”  This answer was the relief I was seeking:

“Precious One,

Be still a moment and go home. Fear not the salvation of this relationship.  You are integrating holiness into every relationship.  Each step brings you closer to seeing it is but a relationship to your Self you are after–you can organize, rearrange, redecorate or recalibrate every thought you have; you can arrange [thoughts] in pairs, groups or singley but you will still have to see that what is under-girding every single thought is Love.

Love is whole








Let not this dispute amoungst a pairing of thoughts distract you from the truth.

Love is working out everything for the greatest, kindest, most complete benefit for all and for each thought individually.

Do not despair, I say to you:  Be Glad in your peace–Be Glad in your witness–Be Glad in your willingness– All IS WELL.”

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