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Empty Nest

Empty Nest

I nurse my grievance

a wee babe fresh

from the wound

The days and nights

pass one after the other

with little but certainty

of purpose

I nurse my grievance

a toddler now

      sure and strong

I can barely remember

the details of the birth

but still feel the exhaustion

limits and bewilderment

I nurse my grievance

who is now unwilling

to be fed by her maker



and stand alone

able to leave or stay

if I but say the word

I want to say “Go!”

but hear instead



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Sometimes I get out of bed

in the middle of the night

just to listen to the silence

That velvet batting

muffling the world for a few short hours                   Star Dust

so I can hear my heart think

How do I love thee?

let me count the ways

my delight is poured through

the sieve of your being

in you it becomes willingness

then joy, peace too

How does it happen

my beloved child

I love you

then miracle of tantalizing joy

you love me

we are once more

Life and Love

back to back

in a roomful of star dust

glinting, squinting

against our collective glory

afraid to open both eyes

until all remember

the home breath

reveals the truth

I am home now

for I never left


It is all here

in the silence

for anyone to hear

who wakes up

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hearts_rosesWhere there is fear, there is anxiety

Where there is anxiety, there is turmoil

Where there is turmoil, there is indecision

Where there is indecision, there is blockage

Where there is blockage, there is opportunity

Where there is opportunity, there is willingness

Where there is willingness, there is hope

Where there is hope, there is openness

Where there is openness, there is awareness of Love

Where there is awareness of Love, there is Love

Where there is Love, there is no fear”

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Heartempty Dumpty sat on a wall

Heartempty Dumpty had a great fall

The chorus did sing

an aching refrain

Is it enough?

Is it enough?

Is it enough?

Drops of acid rain

drilling a hole in my brain

The audience whispers one to another



My heart is rent in two

and three and four and twenty

How can I become whole again

with this Humpty Dumpty torture?

How can I embrace both chorus

and tittering audience?

I will bow deeply to both

for their magnificent performance

Bravo!  Bravissimo!!

Well done, YOU.

For you have given me

that double secret gift

I asked for long ago

The experience

of being

alone in spirit

adrift in limitation

awash in doubt

Thank you!  Thank you!

Now let us


reture to the

after-theater party

at Awakenings

Shhhhhhhh…….don’t tell………

the other plays are still going…………………..

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SHOULD: a warning sign

This morning I woke feeling the hot, stale breath of SHOULD on the back of my neck.  Instead of my delicious Quiet Time all I could think of was an endless list of tasks that NEEDED DOING DAMN IT!  I “should” prepare for my tour; I “should” empty the dishwasher; I “should” lose weight; get my visa organized, send flowers to Jenny, call Lori, save money…and spend less.  Yuck!  I was drowning in S*H*O*U*L*D.

Instead of continuing this should-fight I asked the book (Extending Love to Your Thoughts) and received this gem:

“I extend stillness to this thought”

The fleeing energy of SHOULD was very present and this poem transported me into the stillness:

“Alas, One Heart”

Did you hear

the one


the soldier

who married

the nun?

He warred for sport,

She talked to God for fun.

Together they

explored the far reaches

of one another’s universes

and found

an odd truth.

They could only find

their one Heart

when they abandoned

their sport and fun

and simply

were together



The should was calmer now, and the desire to flee was gone but still I was distracted by the things I “should” be doing.  I chose another:

“I extend strength to this thought”

Here is the poem that turned the corner:

“Oh Should!!”

Hello dear Should

stop crying

today you will know your own strength!

Sit quietly

and ask yourself

what do “I” truly want?

A complete “to do” list?

Recognition of memory?

A day off?







Oh Should!

I love to hear you laugh!

This is your secret weapon:

laugh and laugh and LAUGH!

This IS your true nature:

Joyful expression of loving.

Darling Should!

You were sent to remind ME

to laugh.

Thank you dear friend

let us remember always

where Should is

laughter must be too.


And the last morsel that iced the cake:

“I extend openness to this thought”

This gave me an instant visual of SHOULD written on a giant piece of paper which immediately dissolved into hundreds of sheets and each smaller square was turning, as if in a choreographed ballet, into other images:

a Monet garden; a cup of tea;  a yellow school bus

The pressing-ness of should was gone, only chills and laughter and light remained.

I am as God created me!

Ahhhhhh, the delicious relief of wholeness.

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“An Eloquent Silence”

In silence

do I learn

the eloquence

of grace

the pure acceptance

and completeness

of listening

in love

with all that is


even listening

with delight

to my own


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I knew salvation

was the answer

when I was only four.

But I did not know

what salvation was.

Salvation is the question

we ask ourselves

in the dead of night,

the question that

begs the answer

that frees us unstantly.

Do you still love me?

There never was a time

now, before and ever after

that I could not love you.

I am saved simply

by the ask and answer

that salvation


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I left myself behind

a veil of lies, a sort of

secret I told myself

to help with the game.

Without the veil

there is no behind

or in front;

only a presence

of mind

like no other.

Loving me with open arms

whispering sweets and ideas

into my heart

to give me something

to build of my own.

Life can do anything

I want, except die,

and for the first time

I am happy

I was wrong.

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I Am

Alpha Omega

Beginning End

Good Bad

Heaven Hell

One Zero

Subject Verb

I  Am

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