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HH Dalai Lama Notes (These are my notes from the day:  Dalai Lama’s words in red)

Berkley, CA       February 23, 2014

[Dalai Lama arrives 30 min late onto stage without ceremony]

 “Hi!  So.  It was delayed.  I have to say something at Tibetan center.”

 Intro:  Thank you to Dalai Lama who will nurture our hearts and clarify our wisdom.

Tibetan & US National anthems sung by youth choir in Tibetan traditional dress.

Intro by Congresswoman to the 13th congressional district:  We are honored by your presence here in the birthplace of the free speech movement; the heart and soul of the peace movement in the United States. [Dalai Lama walks Congresswoman over and places her in his wide stuffed chair, they sit together for a few moments then the talk begins when he returns to podium]

 “Oh, that light very strong!”  walks over to chair, gets visor (color matches garb).


We need a sense of brotherhood and sisterhood.

Too much emphasis on “I’m Tibetan.  I’m Dalai Lama”

Emotionally and physically we are the same.

We all want happy days and nights.

I am just a man.

East meet west

West meet east

One world

Good harmony make good world.

We need to work together.

A sense of Oneness.

No hard work, no preparation, whatever come is new.  POP, here it is! 


Congresswoman, you put too much emphasis on my specialness;  I am just a human being.


So, how to achieve happiness?  Money? Education? Good Name?

Money only gives facility for physical comfort.

Genuine happiness is internal.

Happy mind is important factor in happy body.

Pay more attention to compassion.  Sense of Oneness for humanity.


Practice love and compassion

Silence like a catholic monk

Try to become compassionate human being.

We all created by God.  One Source.

We all have spark of God, the spark is infinite love.

If you do good; you benefit.

If you are compassionate; you benefit.

Pray to God, very important but most important, be compassionate.


Practice love, philosophy doesn’t matter.


India is one living example of many religions; respect each other.

Occasionally some problem.

Secular is respect all religion and all things, plus respect non-believers.

India constitution based on secular;  secularism.

(Eva:  hot, sleepy, hungry, can’t hear well…….oh well)

Religion means practice of love.

No human being is against love.

Ruling elite think special for blessing.

Have courage in the face of religious institution.

Be compassionate to non-believer.

Questions (Dalai Lama now seated in overstuffed chair with Congresswoman):

How can I motivate my child to be happy and do better at homework?

DL:  First, let me marry (laughter) then I tell you.

  You show love and explain things.

Can you speak about death?  Is there a fact or is it just beliefs?

DL:  No beginning.  No end.  Death just change into new clothes.

        Self always.

        Same soul, new clothes/body

       Death: liberated from the body

       Hate into Love is liberated from emotion

       Must keep calm mind.

  Faith most important, think in compassion

Quite sure we meditate on love we go to heaven, daily practice.

What do you do all day?  What do you do for fun? (from Savannah Lisle)

DL:  Eating.

I get up early for breakfast, not for meditation (grins and cackles)

Dedicate body, speech, mind to love.

       This is my fulfillment of my center purpose.



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