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I love that we keep returning to the truth that our heart’s desire leads us on many different levels.  We had this amazing experience last weekend.  My husband has been looking at cars for about a year now (his car has over 150,000 miles on it and is over 10 yrs old;  also he wanted to get out of an SUV since we don’t both need one anymore).  Anyway, we went to drive a new Mercedes CLA which is a sporty sedan with very sleek styling and gets great fuel economy.  This is a new car that just arrived in the US and is sneaking into the slightly more affordable market.  Anyway,  he just really wanted to see it and drive it again (we did this a couple of weeks ago).  We felt led to go ahead and to negotiate to purchase the car.  We chose our favorite color, features etc and then found out the one he wanted was only in Oregon.  The missing feature though was a certain kind of wheel.  My very hard-working husband had been feeling hesitant which he put down to it being such a big expenditure but when the wrong wheels came up he balked.  I said “What do the wheels look like that you want?” and he took me back out to the parking lot to show me (with lovely salesman in tow who looked for all the world like a dear friend of ours Jerry Smith).  During the process of checking out the wheels he “noticed” a car he hadn’t really seen and instantly fell in LOVE with it and suddenly all apprehension fell away.  It was such a noticeable thing and he felt so buoyant we went ahead with the car purchase but with a COMPLETELY different car!  And because I kept telling him (and reminding myself) “we don’t have to buy today, we have everything we need, please guide us HS” we were relaxed enough to keep asking for stuff and got a great deal, a low percentage and all kinds of extra’s thrown in.

Mercy B Indeed!

Mercy B Indeed!

The real HS sign is how very delighted and happy and boyish he has been with the car.  We had thought to “not” get the car until at least one child was done with college  but we got such a go ahead from HS that we did it.  I can’t tell you the number of times I can see a guilt free love flowing through my beloved husband, an innocent delight, so many qualities of love unleashed for HIM to experience.  The car is like a gift FOR him from his own holiness, who he has long felt and listened to but hated discussing it in any way.  The greatest cherry on top is that when we told our youngest daughter she instantly named the car “Mercy B” which we all love.  So yeah, go with your desires and interests, and “Be sure He will give you the desires of your heart.”.


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