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I knew salvation

was the answer

when I was only four.

But I did not know

what salvation was.

Salvation is the question

we ask ourselves

in the dead of night,

the question that

begs the answer

that frees us unstantly.

Do you still love me?

There never was a time

now, before and ever after

that I could not love you.

I am saved simply

by the ask and answer

that salvation



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I Am

Alpha Omega

Beginning End

Good Bad

Heaven Hell

One Zero

Subject Verb

I  Am

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Salvation is not a moment

that covers a lifetime.

Salvation is a lifetime

that covers a moment.

The  moment I forgot

to laugh

in Eternity


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Your love betrayed us both;

you for falling for it

and me for not falling.

I wince, with near pleasure

at the hurt.  Your absence has left me

bruised yet happy

for you.  You go first

and tell me the water’s fine

and I will dive in after.

Today I found myself

in the deep end of a wavepool

struggling at the surface

hoping for safety in Truth.

To my surprize I found

the facts did not support

my claim for air.  Weak

with fear of judgment

I let go and drifted.

Until truth surrounded

me with the living water.

I know only this:

I know nothing but

God’s plan for salvation will work.

Won’t it?

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